that one time to enable SSL

I used to have the impression that enabling SSL on Google App Engine is excruciating. The visual of biting my teeth while creating the necessary certificates, uploading them to the server, enabling SSL only to find that it breaks the site is pure horror. If the page breaks, SEO breaks, users are unable to view the website, and the downward spiral continues.

At least that’s partially what held me back.

Fortunately, a few things changed since 4 years ago.

  1. App Engine got better
  2. SSL providers got better
  3. Cloudfare started going mainstream and solved many DNS issues
  4. I got better using App Engine

I expected to have taken at least 1-2 weeks to completely enable SSL, but now it took about 2 days. 1 day to learn everything, and another day to implement and fix minor bugs such as fixed http references.