juggling many things at once

Assume one has a goal, but there are 20 pre-requisites to achieving it.

These could be a certain order to execute them, or they could not be.

There are people and processes behind each pre-requisite, which one doesn’t know yet.

The pre-requisites may be independent of one another, or may not.

On top of that, some issues are time sensitive, and some are not. One doesn’t know for sure which are these.

A common approach I use is to test the feasibility of each pre-requisite. By educating myself on each and every one of these, I can shed more light on the processes, the stakeholders and the timing.

IĀ also work backwards from what is the most time-sensitive pre-requisite, and educate myself to solve it well enough, to the point that the pre-requisites ‘fall in line’ with my goals.