headline reading doesn’t benefit society

the Internet is running amok with headlines. Why read headlines?

Person A reads a headline, it gets saved into Person A’s brain. Skips the entire article.

Person A tells person B at a party, ‘hey I read about this interesting article’. Essentially regurgitating the headline, or doing a mashup-up of what Person A knows, plus her own interpretation of the headlines.

Person B finds this information interesting, passes it along to Person C, and so on. The venue may be a party, or on the Internet over social media. Pick your platform.

What’s the point of this? We just managed to spread headlines throughout society.

I think the world would be a better place, if people digested the entire article and form opinions on topics. Of course, it’s a utopia dream.

If the article isn’t worth reading, it should be skipped entirely. Even better, it should not be written at all!

Unfortunately, people don’t have time to form thoughts. They’re rather just read the headlines and move on. In a perverse way, subconsciously I suspect most people just need that few seconds shot of “dopamine knowledge” to fuel their cerebral activity during idleness.

Personally, I’ll try to avoid headline reading. I’ll focus more on the things I know, and allocate some time to explore other topics every now and then.