I’m 90% convinced that Firebase is the best tool for backend as a service for mobile apps.

It does all 5 things we need, exceptionally well.

  1. Push notifications
  2. Backend databases
  3. Authentication
  4. Analytics
  5. Attribution

It’s never disappointed so far. Best of all, it’s free.

Reserving the 10% when we do succeed with our native app project.

Colors, photos, fonts and tools

Today I learned a few new things at a design for social media workshop. It could’ve well been general design, because the concepts are so universal.

Color selection matters. Generally,

  • Red stands for excitement
  • Blue stands for trust
  • Green stands for peace
  • Orange stands for creativity

Photos for social media should never be done with a camera phone. Instead, invest in a better camera plus VSCO app to enhance quality

Fonts should be optimized for readability and speed

Facebook has a tool that shows text to image ratio, and the probability of it being well received by the target audience

Figma is the google docs for design

Workflow and system matters for churning out multiple social media posts (as with anything, we require an focused, disciplined pipeline)

Internal compass

It’s funny how external factors can influence one’s internal compass. Things such as bad relationships, financial problems, workplace issues and and hedonistic pursuits can easily mess up the compass.

Messing with the compass is instantaneous. Repairing it though, takes a much longer time. Some compasses never truly get fixed, because the damage done went too deep.

I wonder how someone like the Dalai Lama manages his internal compass.

after 2 years, game still works!

we deployed a quiz game with a backend for the client. Little did we know, it’s still being used on a regular basis after 2 years, like clockwork!

it feels great to have built a product that people used on a regular basis.

multiple mental models

Reading about Munger’s mental models (aka ‘worldly wisdom’ led me to search for a list of them. Apparently he doesn’t give them out, leading people to try to harvest them via his speeches and talks.

Munger claims everyone should build their own mental models. Where to start? Quora was useful to kickstart.

Gabriel Weinberg’s list of models seem to be more suited for me. Tiny weakness – it feels very valley-like.

This will occupy my spare time for quite a bit.


working on a 4x prototype

I’m working on a 4x prototype. 4x stands for xplore, xpand, xploit and xterminate

I plan to make it flexible enough so we can try multiple ideas.